James Fanzine : A Sound Investment

A Sound Investment is an easy way to get the scoop of all that James is doing. The Fanzine is currently in its third issue which is available for purchase. Issues 1 and 2 are sold out. Sorry man. To get an idea of what A Sound Investment is all about, here is the Table of Contents for Issue 3:
  • What do you do after getting laid?
  • Just Like Television
  • James and the Establishment
  • A Long Love Affair
  • Carousel- An interview with Saul
  • Building a Charge
  • A WOMAD Experience
  • An Evening at the Timprov
  • I got Laid on Valentine's Day
  • George Mason University
  • The Barrowlands, Scotland
  • Get Laid, Canadian Style
  • Send Some Chain Mail
  • James on Sunday (an insert shown left)

A Sound Investment was created by Lori Chin and Chris Zych. No part may be reproduced without their permission.

To Order: The cost of the zine is $5 (includes postage) or for overseas UK customers, it's £3 (cash)

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    Lori Chin, A Sound Investment
    P.O. Box 251372
    Glendale, CA 91225-1372