Okay so i have a new version of James MP3 Player ready. Its a standalone, one file Mp3 player.. not a skin.
Like always, its based on a daisy.
Okay, this is usable on Win 95/98/NT. It is 550k file. Enjoy..

NEW in Version .37c

- Well, the list actually works now. It now goes to the next song at the end of the one before it.
- The animation is now not dependant on if the song is playing. You can just switch it on and off.

NEW in Version .37

- Looks better

NEW in Version .3

- Moved some buttons around
- Better List Support, a lot better
- Configuration Menu added
- List Help menu removed
- Animation while mp3 is playing added (MP3 only)
- Ability to associate mp3 files with the player
- Association option when first starting up player and option in the config menu
- Other bug fixes

NEW in Version .15

- Plays CDs, just push the CD button
- Added ifo about cd playing
- Added Eject button for CD Mode
- Removed more information tags (i maybe doing away with them)
- Play and Pause buttons are now separate

NEW in Version .1

- Faster!
- No longer has a transparent background.
- Moved some information tags

NEW in Version .05

- Rollover messages to tell what the buttons do
- Play and Pause button are one in the same
- PlayList support (Sorta)
- Playlist Help
- Moved controls around
- other little tweeks

Screenshots from version .05