Waltzing Along

Bb  C  Dm  (4 times)

first verse:
Bb    C                                    Dm
help comes when you need it most
Bb   C             Dm
Im cured by laughter
Bb       C                               Dm
mood swings, not sure I can cope
Bb   C            Dm
my lifes in plaster   

Bb                    C                  Dm
        may your mind be wide open

same 3 chords for the rest of the chorus.
At the end of the first chorus, play:

F  C  G  Bb  Dm
F  C  G  Bb  Dm    C

second verse:
Bb  C  Dm

F                     C               G       Bb
   may your mind set you free
F                   C                 G       Bb 
  may your heart lead you on, etc.

Hopefully you can put all of this together, its not too difficult.
For the C and Dm, you can either play as barre chords or open chords, 
whatever you prefer.

Submitted by:
Steven Patrick -- whiplash@mailcity.com