Low Low Low

intro:  A G D

verse 1:
A                  G 
I'm a member of an ape-like race 
At the asshole end of the twentieth century
A              G               D
This film's a thriller of the mind
A           G                 D
Will we destroy our homes, release ourselves from the 
Weights of gravity
A          G             D
I'll be amazed if we survive
A       G       D     A       G        D
Low low low low.....  low low low low low, etc...  

(same simple chord progression throughout)
verse 2:

This race to space
We'll learn to release ourselves from the weights of gravity
Our highs are higher than our lows
This world's a state of mind
I can hear your thoughts much too clearly
From slime to ape, we'll learn to fly
Low low low 
Oh, we're so powerful
Watch these giants collide
So individual, will we ever find peace of mind
Low low low  

note:  this song sounds best when strummed 
       at a constant fast pace.

a simple (but not accurate) attempt at the main riff:


hope this helps!

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