h= hammer-on
p= pull off

 -3-3-3h5-3p0- you can hear the intro better on the
E------------- live version; this repeats for a while

You're a late child, you're a love child
F                                   C
It's enough child, that you're so appealing

You're appealing, you're appealing
F                                  F     Am    F
To a need that we all have been feeling
You don't fit where you've been put
F                                           C
They're so straight, straight out of some book

Try to fake it with the real men
Tried to fill your father's size ten

     C         F      Am    F
Alone in this world
                    C        F   Am   F 
You're not a boy or a girl
C                                     F 
Don't let them wear you down, what a wonderful ego
You should be so proud

Far out is the life for you
Not just a life, that you must make do
Alone in this world
You're not a boy or a  girl
C                   F
Nothing is certain, everything's changed
Am                             F
More than just words when it's you who's in pain
C                                F
You hold the chalice, you hold the (blade?) 
Am                      F
Bring them together and see what you've made
C                   F
Facing the future inside a cocoon
Am                          F                              
Feel in control when you've been so abused
(chorus again)
           C             F        
You're not alone in this world.   
             C        F
You're not a boy or a girl, etc....

The progression is pretty easy to learn, 
i hope this helps you.

Submitted by:
Steven -- whiplash@mailcity.com