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Update 4/27/00----------------------------------

James Biography
Folklore: James The Official History will be released by Virgin Publishing on 9 Nov 2000 in UK and cost 12.99. It will be written by Stuart Maconie.

Update 3/21/00----------------------------------

On MTV Europe
James will playing on MTV's Five Night Stand at Sheperds Bush Empire, London on May 8th. Tickets will be going on sale at 09:00 on Thursday, March 23rd.

Festival Update
James has confirmed some sprint/summer festivals inclusing ones in Portugal and China and England. See Tour Page for details.

James on Tv Series
James' unleased track "Confusion" will be on the British Tv Show Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased). It will also be on the soundtrack to the show that will come out April 3rd in the UK.

Update 3/6/00-----------------------------------

In Concert
They maybe playing Bejing, China in May and V2000 in August but not Glastonbury. They might be going club dates in Europe and a UK University Tour in September/October.

Their Next Release
According to the official site, the next release should be an EP in August. It won't feature songs from Millionaires but something different.
Also, the target date for the next LP is Jan. 2001.

James and the US
James still has no US record deal and will not anytime soon. According the the official site, MTV US has approached the band about doing a spot on them about being unable to get a US record deal.
Also, James is talking about getting a new global record deal after the next album.

Update 2/10/00----------------------------------

Okay, no new single
I've been told that due to the failure of We're Going to Miss You single, they probably will not be releasing the Crash single.

Update 2/3/00-----------------------------------

New Single in March?
Over at Siren Disc, under the future releases catagory, they have listed the two part single Crash to come out March 20.

Update 2/2/00-----------------------------------

2000 plans
James maybe doing dates in Germany, Iceland, France and China. They also will be playing festivals in the UK.

James get lifetime achievement award
On the 29th of last month Tim and Saul accepted the Portugese Radio Nova Award for Lifetime Achievement.

James Biography
Stuart Maconie will be writting the James biography. Its is suspected to ome out in 2001.

A Note from me, the webmaster
Yeah I suck, don't I? Oh well, here I go again with the update spurts. As you may tell, I get all my news from the official site. So, your best bet is probably to go there to get up-to-date info.

James Info/History

Group formed in Manchester, England, and signed with Factory Records, releasing singles and EP Jim One, 1983; signed with Sire Records, 1986; signed with Rough Trade Records, 1988; signed with Phonogram, 1989; contributed to Velvet Underground tribute album Heaven and Hell, 1990; appeared on WOMAD tour, 1993.
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