Sessions Issue #3

Excerps from Sessions #3 submitted by

"Betrayal has been a big issue for me," he explains. "There's been at least one song a CD on it, whether it's been me betraying somebody or me being betrayed. Betrayal is very common. I think in this culture at this time, nearly everyone can give you an experience of being betrayed, even on a day to day level of feeling that somebody has exploited you and has taken advantage of you."

Also, there is a quote by either Tim or Saul on every track of Whiplash.

Lost a Friend:
Tim:LAF is probably one of the most successful songs on the record. . . .I turned it into a song about someone falling asleep in front of the TV and their dreams become part of the television.

Watering Hole:
Saul:This is the sound of our keyboard player's mind. This is the interaction between little bits of energy flying around his synapses. That's why it's weird.

The article is much longer and includes some pix. I would highly suggest hunting down a copy of this mag. . .the writer really likes Whiplash and says "this is the sound of a mature band still taking risks. Corking stuff."