James - Split from Radio 1 Website 3/06/97

Appearing on the Radio 1 Website (3/06/97)


James have revealed they nearly split up as a result of their huge success in the early nineties. They were touring like mad in the States and got sick of the sight of each other. "We played in Britain for 11 years virtually the whole time. We felt like people needed a break - we were getting taken for granted and we were taking ourselves for granted. We were just going to play stadiums and we didn't want that - so we ran away. Our guitarist left, and Tim wanted to do his own things - so there was a big question over whether we'd hold it together."


They did their own thing for a bit but then the band's creative juices got flowing again - they released She's A Star and now the album Whiplash. Tim Booth says "I went and made a record, but it felt like a rest because I wasn't doing it with James. We needed a break from each other, we needed a rest. We need to unpack our bags and do our washing! We've got our legs back now and we're ready to get out there and have some fun."