Notes from Interview with Jim Glennie--JAMES-- May 11, 1994

Notes from Interview with Jim Glennie--JAMES-- May 11, 1994

The folowing is not written by the webmaster, it was written by Amy S.

live gigs-

Playing live- "more direct form of communication, there in front of people.

live has always been our key in with people-always played live. . . huge P.A.

kicking in behind you, light show, you get people's concentration and as

musicians you feed off that."

two way thing, powerful


"up until Laid, I hated the studio, very frustrated, tape without losing so


In the past they tried too hard, were "too precious in the studio in the

past", "needed to relax, chill out"

"Usually people think that the harder you work the better something will be

and with music it doesn't work that way"

With Eno- flowing quickly, great diplomat and fun

recorded lots of songs in short period of time

3 core songwriters-Tim, Larry, and Jim- always there when songs are written

write through improvisation

People just messing about and everybody listens, jam 15-20 minutes on each

one. Good ones go back to and after doing that it ends up being a song

what do you want people to get out/ messages-

emotional-wise cover a lot of ground, more noticeable live than on the album

Laid-generally moody

Live--more extremes, can be quite chilled out, relaxed and can be quite nasty

sometimes depending on how we're feeling

"I want people to feel better when they leave, thinking about lyrics or


"I want to connect with people in some way, shape or form I'd rather have

people bothered, disturbed than no reaction but I'd like it to be positive"

Laid-- more personal, leave things up to the individual

intentionally didn't print the lyrics, leave things open-ended for listener

My question- British friend says that you can only understand their music if

you are from GB

During one period (Gold Mother) some important subjects covered in their


"Political and quite specific to Britain, changes in trends in Britain and

what was being encouraged in people was greed, I'm okay and not prepared to

sacrifice anything for people who have less than me. Not a pleasant time

specific to Britain."

All through my voting life, we've had a conservative gov't

"Laid" made people buy the album-- "accept it and get into it and we'll

convert them"

With promo copy, "Raid" hadn't picked the artwork, photograph turned up

incidentally and Laid seemed to fit better than Raid


don't quite feel there yet

Can make a living out of it, it's fun-- "on our way somwhere, not sure where"

"Carrot on a string" analogy-- "Goals constantly changing as you look to

certain things always another one slightly further away, waiting for us.

 Always something you haven't achieved yet that you wanted to"

"increases in success does bring certain freedom, it makes life a lot easier,

more leisurely, less chaotic"  but then you get hassled

"double-edged sword, a nice problem"

"nice to be weird and be differenct and take risks and keep changing but sell

a lot of albums"

no embarassing albums

"we've always just did what we did"

diff albums through the years have different levels of acclaim

"Albums very different from each other, I don't think we've travelled toward

or found greatness.  It's not something to look for."

"We are just looking for new areas to work in that stimulate songs basically"


exercise, look out for ourselves so we don't get run down on the road

get on very well, argue quite a lot, not many fights

feminism-- "sexism is defined as looking at someone as being inferior"

"title brings a lot of baggage that can be restrictive"

"freedom, be and do whatever you want and do it without society posing

restrictions based on race or sex"

"break barriers, not move the barriers"

Political views-

Cynical about people

"There are no leaders in the world, the leaders in this world are followers,

they change policy to whatever the public wants to get in power or stay in


"Qualities to get in power:  greed, ambition, media personality"

"don't bring in changes to save things, need to be seen to make an effort"

"Politicians won't take the risk to rock the boat and disturb people's life

and question how much they want to change and how much they want to sacrifice

to change things"

"I am not prepared to dedicate my life to change things, when it's easy, I'll

do it. We need to move society forward en masse, most people too apathetic"

"What are we doing wrong as a society that creates people that are doing


"We need to take responsibility, not us and them--education key"