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After years of trying to combine their efforts, Tim Booth, best known as the lead singer of the critically-acclaimed band James, and Angelo Badalamenti, the composer of many ethereal soundtracks including David Lynch's "Blue Velvet," "Twin Peaks" and "Wild at Heart," finally collaborate and bring us Booth and The Bad Angel. This collaboration features 11 tracks including "Dance of The Bad Angels ," "Fall In Love With Me" and the first emphasis track, "I Believe." To get further into the story behind the joining of these two artists go to:

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1. The album was released August 6th to the U.S.
2. E.P.s are available 3.They are available at CdNow
4.Order Booth and the Bad Angel at CdNow. I already have.



These lyric files are for use with VocalCD. This is a program that plays cds but if you have the lyric files loaded, it shows the words and when to say them. Its like Karaoke. It is about 20k and is zipped. Extract the files to "c:\windows\songs\trade" directory. Then inside VocalCD import all the files. If you have anymore questions just email me
VOCALCD FILE #3 - Booth and the Bad Angel

Sound samples

The following are in True Speech Format. You need the special player. Download at
The following are in RealAudio3.0 player is needed, as well as a 28.8 modem

The following are from MercuryRecords website and are in RealAudio28.8 format

The following are in .wav format and are from MercuryRecords:


The following is from Following are in Vivoactive streaming format (special plugin needed):


Various clips from the video "I believe":
1.gif2.gif 3.gif 4.gif 5.gif 6.gif 7.gif 8.gif 9.gif 10.gif 11.gif 12.gif 13.gif

The following are from MercuryRecords:
Tim Angelo Album Cover Album Cover2 Tim the Bad Angel Tim and Angelo Tim2

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