James: Whiplash

Whiplash, released in 1997. First album after a long break. There are 11 tracks:


Release Info

02/97 - UK CD/CS/LP [Fontana ???]
02/97 - GE CD/CS/LP [Fontana ???]
02/97 - UK CD [Fontana WHIP1] (promo, cardboard sleeve)
02/97 - UK CD [Fontana WHIP2] (promo, also contains band interview)
02/97 - US CD [Fontana WHIP1 LC 0211] (promo, brown cardboard sleeve)
Note: Early promos of Whiplash featured different names for two of the songs. Play Dead was known as Whiplash, Watering Hole as Angel.
97 - UK Interview CD [Fontana WHIP2]
97 - JP CD [??] (+ bonus track Gone Too Far)

Album Info

From the Mercury records site...
James returns to follow up their 1993 breakthrough release Laid with a new studio album, Whiplash, featuring 11 new tracks. After a worldwide tour, a year of promotion for Laid, and lead singer Tim Booth's collaborative project with Angelo Badalamenti (Booth & The Bad Angel), the band returned to the studio to once again work with Brian Eno. This time, the band was also joined by Stephen Hague (New Order, Siouxie & The Banshees) as producer.

The secret behind She's A star:
She's A Star was written after Tim met a woman called Zerena, who inspired him to write lyrics about the strength and influence of the opposite sex. "I wanted a really positive affirmation about a woman coming into her own power. The particular person I was going out with at the time, her middle name was Zerena, which meant star...that's what the song's about - about a woman coming into her own - you know, dont turn down the flame - put on your shades if you can't see, it's like - just let them shine."

She's a Star single part I - features live versions of Stutter and Johnny Yen
She's a Star single part II - has three b-sides: Chunney Chops, Fishknives, and Van Gogh's Dog
She's a Star single part III - features remixes of she's a star by Dave Angel and Biosphere as well as an Andrew Weatherall remix of Come Home...
Tomorrow (Part 1) +STUDIO TRACKS CD. Part 1 includes new bonus tracks "Gone Too Far", "Honest Pleasure" & "All One To Me". Release Date: 21-Apr-97
Tomorrow (Part 2) +LIVE TRACKS CD Plus live versions of "Lost A Friend", "Come Home" & "Greenpeace" (From the Mark Radcliffe Radio One Session). Release Date: 21-Apr-97
Tomorrow (Part 3) +REMIXES CD Original Version, Full On Vibe Mix, Archive Mix & Droppin' Cake Mix. Release Date: 21-Apr-97
Waltzing Along (part 1) - Waltzing Along remixes by Archive, Bollshoi Bros. and DAT Guy Release Date 30-June-97
Waltzing Along (part 2) - Live tracks recorded at their London gigs this year Release Date 30-June-97
Waltzing Along (part 3) - Previously unreleased tracks The Foodchain, Bite me for real, and Subclause Release Date 30-June-97