James: Strip-Mine

Strip-mine is James' second album, released in 1988. There are eleven tracks.


Release Info

09/88 - UK LP [Sire JIMLP 2] (sleeve)
09/88 - UK CS [Sire]
09/88 - UK CD [Sire JIMCD 2]
88 - GE LP/CS/CD [Sire 925 657-1/4/2]
88 - US LP/CS/CD [Sire 1/4/2-25657]
?? - US CS/CD [Fontana 925 657-4/2]

Album Info:

* Produced and Engineered by Hugh Jones
* "Are you Ready" produced by Steve Power and Steve Lowell

* All Tracks mixed by Doctor Steve Power except "Riders" and
"Refrain" mixed by Hugh Jones

*Keyboards on "Are You Ready" Richard Evans
*Brass on "Charlie Dance" Kick Horns
*Maracas on "Ya Ho" Clive Mellor

*Time Space Continuity: Martine McDonagh

*Representation Worldwide: So What Arts Ltd.
P.O. Box 334 Manchester M60 IJD


There's always a place in the world for invigorating, tuneful pop as long as it has a twist or two...Over the course of their second album one encounters well-crafted songs that owe much to their Brit-folk heritage (Fairports and family). Numerous Celtic or Gaelic seasonings make their presence felt both overtly (accented vocal, flute) and subtly (the rhythms, both from the drums and the strums, often lapse into shanty-like patterns). These are the tracks that work best; the more modern jangly stuff is less interesting and, indeed, makes James occasionally interchangeable with any number of popsters. The band pens hummable melodies and sings with unaffected passion. Each song relies on give-and-take dynamics for its strength, typically building to a climax but not falling into the "anthemic" trap...This is a band of latent urgency that takes several listening sessions.

-- Fred Mills, All-Music Guide