James: Laid

Laid , released in 1993. There are thirteen tracks.


Release Info

09/93 - UK LP/CS/CD [Fontana 514943-2]
09/93 - GE LP/CS/CD [Fontana ?]
93 - US CS [Fontana SAC 717] (Laid called "Raid" and Lullaby called "Just Human")
93 - JP [Fontana M11234] (+ bonus tracks The Lake and America. Laid was called So Pretty in Japan)

Album Info

Larry Gott: guitar
Mark Hunter: keyboards
Tim Booth: vocals
David Bayton-Power: drums
Saul Davies : violin, guitar
Jim Glennie: bass guitar

Laid was originally suppose to be called So Pretty (which would have fit with the cover...)

*All tracks written and performed by James.
*Produced by Brian Eno.
*Recorder and mixed by Benedict Fenner except tracks Everybody Knows and Low Low Low mixed by Markus Dravs.
*P.S. recorded by Steve 'Doc' Williams, assisted by Mike Jones with additional recording and mixing by Benedict Fenner.
*Assistant engineer Ben 'Jude' Findlay.
*Additional bass and keyboards by Brian Eno.
*Additional vocals on Out To Get You by Larry Gott.
*Additional vocals on Sometimes, Dream Thrum, and Five-O by Brian Eno and Martine McDonagh.
*Additional vocals on Low Low Low by the Kitchenettes.
*Recorded at Real World.
*Worldwide representation by Martine McDonagh, P.O. Box 182, Manchester, M60 4DU England. In the U.S. c/o Peter Rudge, RKE, 645 5th Ave. Olympic Tower, E. Wing, N.Y. 10022.


With LAID, James completely changes its direction with dark, moody album of stunning emotional resonance. Brian Eno's atmospheric production makes LAID seem if it has only one tone initially, but with repeated listens the peaks and valleys emerge as clearly as the details within the songs themself. Even the more upbeat sounding songs, such as "Low Low Low" and "Laid," have a deep undercurrent of sadness, but it is a melancholy that is real and beautiful, making LAID an album worth returning to.

- All Music Guide