James: James


Release Info

90 - US CS/CD [Fontana 848 658-4/2]
90 - CA CS/CD [Fontana 848 658-4/2]
90 - JP CD [Fontana PHCD-1102] Jap release is different than above:
Sit Down - Come Home (Flood Mix) - Government Walls - Sunday Morning - How Was It For You? - Tonight - Lose Control (McGuire Mix) - Gold Mother (Warp Mix) - Come Home (Weatherall Mix)

Album Info:

Tim Booth: vocals and words
Jim Glennie: bass guitar and backing vocals
Larry Gott: guitar and backing vocals
Saul Davies: violin, guitar and cowbell
Andy Diagram: trumpet and backing vocals
David Bayton-Power: drums and percussion
Mark Hunter: keyboards and accordion

*All songs written by T. Booth/L. Gott/J. Glennie except 1, 10
T. Booth/L. Gott/J. Glennie/Whelan
*All songs produced by Tim Booth, Larry Gott, Jim Glennie and Nick Garside
except 1 Gil Norton, 7 Flood
*Engineered by Nick Garside
*"How Was It For You" remixed by Tim Palmer
*Recorded at Out of the Blue, Manchester and The Windings, Wrexham
*Mixed at Square One, Bury
*Published by Blue Mountain Music Ltd.
*"Sit Down" mixed by Dave Bascombe
*"Lose Control" mixed by Mark McGuire
*Additional percussion on "Come Home" and "How Much Suffering"
by John Slater
*Backing vocals on "Gold Mother" by Inspiral Carpets
*Saxophone on "Gold Mother" by Vinny Corrigan
*For James fan club and merchandise information send s.a.e. to:
P.O. Box 182, Manchester M60 4DLI
*Special thanks to everyone at Rough Trade and to Colin Cook
*Art direction: Joey Reinleib
*Design: Dana Brandwein


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