James: Gold Mother

Gold Mother is James' third album, released in 1990. There are ten tracks.


Release Info

06/90 - UK LP [Fontana 846 189-1] (sleeve)
06/90 - UK CS/CD [Fontana 846 189-4/2]
10/90 - UK LP/CS/CD [Fontana] (Crescendo replaced with Lose Control and Hang On with SitDown)
?? - JP CS/CD (+ Lazy Track)

Album Info

Two versions of Gold Mother were released in the UK. After the commercial success of the Sit Down and Lose Control singles, it was decided that these should be put on the album in place of Hang On and Crescendo (which the band felt were the weakest tracks anyway). The "new" album was duly released, and for a limited period anyone who had the old version could swap it for a copy of the new version free of charge at record stores. Needless to say, the whole business incited charges of blatant commercialism.


...Their sentiments are thoughtful, their ideas worldly and well-considered...They're all over the map here: hootenanny stomps (the title cut), dirgy ballads ("Top of the World"), mildly hot funk ("You Can't Tell How Much Suffering"), and edgy rockers ("Come Home")..."God Only Knows" is an anti-evangelist, anti-censorship rant that fleshes out its rolling thunder with well-chosen, well-timed samples. "How Was It For You" is a clever, Smiths-like rock'em up that backs angry sexual possession with a happygo-lightly pop sensibility...

-- Michael Anft, All-Music Guide


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